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Desirae in an alley


Actually it was suggested that I take pictures years ago by some of the models I used to manage. But I never felt I would have the time to put in the necessary work to be good at it. It wasn't the putting together of a shot that made me hesitate. From being behind the scenes, and sometimes actually directing a shoot, I felt confident on that aspect. It was the technical side, equipment side, editing. 

So to test things out, I began by using my Galaxy phone camera. After that I bought my first camera. Several shoots later I began letting people know I was available. I'm not the best, but I'm growing and a few people enjoy my work. My best traits are putting together looks, assisting someone during the shoot, and capturing great shots. 

If you need headshots, model portfolios, fashion shots, family portraits, fitness, swimwear and other various shots, please contact me today!!

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